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Cross Country

With Cross Country’s regional competition happening in late October, let’s hear from some of the members:


  1. How do you think you’ve done this season?
  2. How are you feeling about the upcoming race?
  3. What’s your favorite thing about Cross Country?
  4. Favorite course you ran this season?
  5. Anything you’d like to tell our readers?



Season’s been fine, trying to have fun since it’s my senior year!

Hoping we’ll be able to sneak into state qualifications!

How we interact with each other, playing games in practice after a race really lets us unwind and bond as a team

Our home course, since we’ve never gotten rain!!



Been a good season, but I haven’t had a new personal record. I blame that on me not training during the summer, but hopefully we can fix it this Thursday.

I am excited about this race, everyone is running at their peak times this season, and as long as we can stay healthy we should qualify for state.

Has to be the meets! Everyone dreads them, and the nerves beforehand are not fun, but the satisfaction of running a good time makes it all worth it.

My favorite course has to be the home trail. It’s hard to beat running on the trail you train on every day, and it was also in super good shape.

To anyone thinking about maybe joining cross country, do it! I didn’t join until my sophomore year and I’m now captain of the varsity team. It has been a life changing experience and I am so glad I am a part of this team!



Doing better now that at the start of the season

Feeling slightly nervous about regions

The sense of accomplishment when you PR and the other people on the team

SCDS all the way!! (I’m used to it)

We ♥️ Corey Heyward and Dylan and Stewart



This season has been a struggle, I’ve been working really hard with my school work- having to stay after some days making me late to practices and even had the flu for two weeks. It caused me to miss a full week of practice and two races, and my times haven’t particularly been what I want or usually run.

Slightly stressed, since I would love for us to make it to state but since a lot of us have to run PRs, it’s feeling impossible, but hopefully everyone will run hard and have a good race day so we can make it!

My favorite thing is the team! Over the years it’s been a great experience and group of people to be involved with. I have made a lot of friends!

I hate all the courses. Bye.

Join the XC team next year!!!



Done pretty good!

Kinda nervy ngl

Practices are fun

Savannah Christian




Not super satisfied with my races, but optimistic about the upcoming meet.

I’m excited about the upcoming race, and hope that our team can qualify for state.

I like how place is more important than time since all the courses are different.

My favorite is the SCDS court, since I like the support of a home crowd.

Cross country is more fun than most people think and is a sport you can enjoy for your whole life!

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