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Video Game Review

December 8, 2022

Cult of the Lamb Price: $24.99 Story Score: ⭐⭐⭐ The game has a straightforward story, although also not very interesting. Spoilers, but the storyline essentially is that you...

Book Review: Almond by Won-Pyung Sohn

Book Review: “Almond” by Won-Pyung Sohn

Fiona Wilson, Contributor December 7, 2022

Imagine you’ve never felt heartbreak: the pain of losing a loved one, the hurt of betrayal from a loyal friend. You don’t get angry and lash out, consciously at least. You don’t succumb to emotions....

Game Review

Jessica Elkin, Contributor October 24, 2022

Monster Hunter World Edited by Lawler White Price: $29.99  Initial thoughts: Looks really pretty! Gameplay looks pretty fun based off of promo videos.   After 1st hour: NPCs are kind of...

Movie Review: Top Gun Maverick

Matilde Robbe and Gracen Garceau October 24, 2022

  Our review: 5 stars MOVIE INSIGHT & BACKGROUND: Summary He is taken back to where it all started, Top Gun, in Southern California, teaching the class he once took…. Captain...

Im Glad My Mom Died Book Review

I’m Glad My Mom Died Book Review

Ian Rogers, Contributer October 24, 2022

I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy puts a new light onto our favorite childhood tv show, ICarly, by sharing Jennette’s experiences on set along with so much more. This book, given in the name,...

Dont Talk About ***** ****

“Don’t Talk About ***** ****”

Samuel Bueno, Leiden van Abshoven, and Sawyer Tarr October 24, 2022

***** **** is a 1999 thriller directed by the great David Fincher. A depressed insomniac that goes by “The Narrator” (Edward Norton) starts going to group meetings in desperation to cure his insomnia...

Game Review: Monster Hunter World

Game Review: Monster Hunter World

Jessica Elkin, Contributor October 23, 2022

Price: $29.99  Initial thoughts: Looks really pretty! The gameplay looks pretty fun based on promo videos. After 1st hour: NPCs are kind of annoying, quests are pretty good, the gameplay is...

Book Review

Sarah Pine, Contributor April 25, 2022

Recently, I’ve really enjoyed reading crime, mystery, and thriller novels, so I bought The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter. The novel centers around a family, the Quinns, whose lives change after a...

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

Katie Bibby , Contributor April 25, 2022

To all the Marvel enthusiasts, who haven’t watched the new Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, you are missing out, this is for you. Released to theaters on December 17, 2022, this heart-wrenching...

Fortnite Chapter Three

Nik Manocha and Woods Lovett February 14, 2022

After a long wait, Fortnite chapter 3 has finally arrived. With the new update, there have been changes to game mechanics and overall aesthetics of the game that have come with it. These new additions...

Book Review: “The Midnight Library”

Sarah Pine, Contributor February 14, 2022

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, published in September of 2020, tells the story of Nora Seed, who enters a stage between life and death, which for her, is the Midnight Library. In this library, every...

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