Male athlete of the issue: Michael Grandy

Maddox Rahimi, Contributor

When asked who the face of athletics is for Savannah Country Day, our students would typically respond with Michael Grandy, and with good reason. Not only was he dominant as our football team’s star running back, but his talent as a basketball player also shines. Because of this, it baffles our student body as to why he wasn’t the athlete of the issue previously; with this said, our athlete of the issue is Michael Grandy.

Since his entrance into high school, Michael has made an impact in athletics, playing varsity basketball his Freshman year. Despite lacking playing time, Michael was able to execute whenever he was given the opportunity, and he quickly became a fan favorite. Michael’s teammates also appreciated his presence, as his light-hearted spirit cheered his teammates on a daily basis.

For his sophomore year, Michael joined the football team. While he continued to be underutilized by his coaches, he worked hard and persevered, becoming a revered part of the team. During basketball season, he continued his underrated performance.

Michael’s junior year is when he finally began to shine. He earned the starting role of running back and was finally able to produce with the volume he earned. His basketball season was similar, as he finally earned his starting position. Michael proved how valuable he was, as he not only was the first-team all-region running back, but he also earned defensive player of the season in basketball. Michael was finally able to shine in the role he solidified for himself.

Michael ended his senior season strongly. Despite a down season for the football team, Michael was a bright spot on the team. His peers showed their admiration for him, voting him as captain of the team. Michael continued to dominate this year and continued to be the crowd favorite. Michael ended his senior football season earning his second straight first-team all-region. Michael is not finished with his athletics, however, as the basketball season has just begun.