Flag Football


Parker Hall, Contributor

SCDS Flag Football started their season with a bang with a 39-0 win over Johnson. Starting quarterback, Sofia Pablo, threw 4 touchdowns, and the stellar defense had 5 interceptions, making the game all the more exciting. Last year’s inaugural season taught the returning players the ins and outs of the growing sport. This year’s returners, Maria Miller, Eva Beauchamp, Sofia Pablo, Ana Miller, Phil-Isabelle Ajayi, Katie Horne, Hayden Anderson, Anna Shelton, and Parker Hall, are teaching and learning alongside the newcomers, Ella Lowry, Bella Wiley, Reese Bailey, Hillary Bunger, Ella Haas, Cleo Shelton, Rachi Wilson, and Harper Judelson.  

Club flag football teams are starting all over South Georgia, and our very own Sofia Pablo and Eva Beauchamp participate in a Savannah run team.  When returning Senior Katie Horne was asked what she loved the most about SCDS flag football, she said, “I love the team dynamic and the vibe of everyone.  We have fun at practice and mess around, but we know how to focus when it’s game time.”  When asked what her go-to pre-game hype song is, Maria Miller answered, “Hot Wings from the Rio Soundtrack.”  Flag football is just one example of the growing female athletics at Country Day. When Sofia Pablo was questioned about the possibility of more female sports teams at Country Day, she replied, “I would be totally interested. Softball would be great, and the one year we had girl’s lacrosse in middle school was super fun.” 

This year’s coaches – Candice English, Kristin Mulzer, and Meghan Hughes – all helped out with the team last year and built a solid foundation while they look forward to what this season will bring!  Go Hornets!