Female Athlete of the Issue


Ella Stone, Contributor

Mason Howington (also known as Misty) is by far the most intimidating person on the SCDS varsity volleyball team. She is an outside hitter and deadly from both the line and the cross attacks. Her favorite type of kill is a line drive right into the setter’s face. Mason leads our team in average of kills per set, along with having at least (stats malfunction) 240 kills during the regular season of 2022-23 leading up to the region and state tournaments. When asked what a typical gameday for Misty looks like, Mason responded, “Wake up, put on SCDS volleyball shirt, grab a Dr. Pepper, fill up emotional support water bottle, pack jersey in musty volleyball bag, drive to school listening to hype jams, get to school and try to focus but… its gameday. Get on the yellow bus, drive to Christian, and demolish.” In regards to the playoffs that are approaching our hornets in the near future, Masons emphasize how excited she is for the rest of the season and talks about how well our players are coming together and the unity throughout the girl’s varsity volleyball team. Misty’s advice for younger female athletes is “ to keep working and stay positive because getting discouraged and doubting yourself will only hurt you in the long run.” Mason is the amazing volleyball player she is today from her countless practices for school and club and the dedication she has given to the sport. Come support your hornet volleyball team and Mason as we get revenge on Christian this Wednesday!!t your hornet volleyball team and Mason as we get revenge on Christian this Wednesday!!