Game Review

Jessica Elkin, Contributor

Monster Hunter World

Edited by Lawler White

Price: $29.99 

Initial thoughts:

Looks really pretty! Gameplay looks pretty fun based off of promo videos.


After 1st hour:

NPCs are kind of annoying, quests are pretty good, gameplay is fluid so far, and I spent way too long on the character creator. The permanence of being unable to change the appearance of my character frightens me, so I spent around 15 minutes on a task that should have taken under 5 minutes.

Super pretty!!




You can play with friends!!

Final thoughts:

NPCs keep telling me what to do, which is extremely annoying given the fact that the game is very self explanatory, and being told “Go to the quest board to start the quest!” is irritating no matter how chipper the voiceline is. Other than that, very enjoyable, and has a wide array of armors (although most of the interesting ones are locked behind the $39.99 DLC). Highly recommend playing with friends, because when you’re running after the monster that decided to stop fighting  you is much more enjoyable when you can complain about it with someone. Personally, I give this game a… 7/10.



PS: “The Best Quest” is not, in fact, the best quest