Movie Review


Our rating- 4.75/5


Rating on Google- 4.3/5


“Lights Out” is a Horror/Thriller that came out in 2016. This movie is PG-13, but at some points, it feels a lot scarier than that. If you are looking for a bewildering but scary movie to watch with somebody around you, then I would definitely recommend “Lights Out”. This must-see movie stars Teresa Palmer and Maria Bello. Teresa Palmer, who plays Rebecca in the movie, tries to get her little brother to stay away from her possibly prodrome mother. Her mother tries to escape this evil woman, Diana, who hides in the shadows, but soon discovers that wherever the mother goes, Diana follows.

This movie is based on the Lights Out short film that was released in 2013. This short film stars Lotta Losten and got a rating of 4.7/5. It is about a woman who is getting ready for bed and sees a woman’s shadow every time she turns out the lights. In my opinion, this short film isn’t half as good as the real “Lights Out” movie. But it is only 2 minutes and 42 seconds long, so if you aren’t planning on watching the movie, take time to watch this award-winning short film!