Cafeteria Food Review


Caroline Kraeuter, Contributor

Although many might be quick to disagree with me, our cafeteria creates fantastic meals. There is hardly a day where I can’t find anything to eat from the number of different options offered. Whether it’s barbeque chicken breast, meatball subs, or breakfast, the lunchroom staff always delivers. Even in the face of a pandemic, our lunchroom staff has continued to make delicious meals, all packaged and delivered safely. Probably one of the most popular additions to lunch following the pandemic is that students can eat almost anywhere they want on the Upper School campus. Sadly, it seems this won’t be possible for much longer. However, oddly enough, I kind of miss the loud and chaotic atmosphere of lunch sitting at a table inside. 

Because I clearly have a bias in favor of our cafeteria food, I interviewed others and got their opinions on our lunch situation. In an interview with senior James Strength, he said: “the only thing that could make lunch better is bringing back gumbo.” Emme Taylor, also an upperclassman and concise in her approval, simply states: “I like it.” While she approved of the food, Laura Taylor suggested that a new line system be implemented because “it’s crazy and really inefficient.” And I have to agree with her, the beginning of lunchtime is extremely hectic in Triol Hall, especially with the new and very popular Crossroads station. 

All in all, lunch seems to be a hit this year, despite still being in the midst of a pandemic. We’ll just have to wait and see how students take it when we ultimately move back inside.