A Bussalicious Friendsgiving

Julia McGoldrick, Editor-in-Chief

Well, it’s time again for me to give a review. Sorry, I have been really slacking on my Instagram, but that’s only because I’m too lazy to post; but don’t fret, I am still going to give everyone a piece of my mind on what is good and bad. This review will be about the amazing Friendsgiving meal I was a part of over the break. Everyone decided to make one (some two) dishes for the dinner. While a few made the food themselves, the rest begged their parents for help. The menu included: cornbread, stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, cream of corn, mac, and cheese (x2), apple pie, brussel sprouts, cookies, and cranberry sauce: all of the necessities of a proper Thanksgiving meal. Big shout out to Eoin who made Turkey all by himself. 

After everyone had stuffed their faces with food, I went around the table and asked everyone to vote on their favorite item. In first place was Arden’s cornbread, which when I tell you I loved it, I really mean it. In the next place was Eoin’s Turkey, followed by Maddox’s mac and cheese. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat any of the food that had meat in it so I can not give you a full review of how good some of the things were. Finally, in first place for desserts was the apple pie Maddox and I made. So all in all this was a successful Thanksgiving meal, and I would definitely recommend eating some of the food we cook.