Five Spot Review

Hilliard Davis and Haley Bird

    Background Info: 

The Five Spot is an urban-styled restaurant with a variety of flavorful dishes. This eatery has two locations in Savannah, one in Habersham Village and the other at The Shops of Sandfly. Savannah’s first Five Spot was established in 2012, and it offers a space for a casual hangout with friends and family. 

Main Dishes: 

Buttermilk chicken tenders: right away, you could tell this dish was extremely fresh. It came out hot, and the flavors were extraordinary. There was the perfect amount of crunch to it with a nice flaky crust. Overall we decided to give the buttermilk chicken tenders a 9/10. 

The Burger: again, this dish came out nice and warm. It had two patties, lettuce, and ketchup to top it off. Personally, I thought the burger was too seasoned, and its flavor was quite overwhelming, although it still had a nice texture, despite the patty’s odd shape. The lettuce was wilted and old. Overall we give the burger a 6/10. 


French Fries: The fries came decently warm and had a nice flavor. There was a little too much seasoning on some of them, but they were still crispy. Overall, we give them a 9/10. 

Mac N Cheese: We had to add a little bit more excitement to the mac and cheese dish with the small pepper grinders provided. The macaroni itself was cooked to perfection. The combination of cheeses made the macaroni taste very rich. Overall we give this side an 8/10. 


Honey Mustard: This sauce was a 10/10 in our book. We both are avid honey mustard connoisseurs, and this was the perfect condiment for our buttermilk chicken tenders and french fries. 

Ketchup: The ketchup at The Five Spot was flavored nicely and really added to your dishes. We loved eating it with our fries and on the burger as well. We give the ketchup a 10/10 also.


For our dessert, we got a brownie with vanilla ice cream on top. The brownie came straight out of the oven, piping hot. We expected it, but it clashed with the very cold ice cream on top of it. The chocolate sauce tasted very generic. Overall we give this dessert an 8.5/10. 


The food came out pretty quickly this time, but in past times the restaurant has been a little slow-paced. The food is all fresh and flavorful. We really recommend coming here. We rate the restaurant a 9/10.