Holiday Food Review


Feriby McCorkle and Ian Rogers, Contributor

Finding food for the holidays can be a stressful task thanks to varying taste buds and swiftly changing menus. No worries, We are here to help! With having just finally digested your Thanksgiving meal and sitting down ready to decorate, it’s time to consider this year’s marvelous holiday treats! A few of the most distinct holiday snacks are candy canes, peppermint bark, fruit cake, sprite cranberry, and eggnog. A few seasonal treats to look out for are the Peppermint milkshake at Chik-fil-a and the Candy Cane ice cream at Leopold’s. Don’t forget about Reese’s Christmas trees!! 

Holiday food wouldn’t exist without a hefty Thanksgiving dinner. The classic Turkey, gravy, casserole, and cranberry sauce is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. Don’t overlook the other holiday entree, ham. The debate between ham and turkey has been gaining popularity over the past years. Personally, our families are ham families. Are you team ham or team turkey? 

As the long-awaited holiday break approaches, start rolling out that cookie dough and cooking those latkes because the holidays are a time to feast! Places like Pinterest and Tik Tok can be a great source of inspiration for new cookies, goodies, and gifts to add to the list of traditions! One trend I’ve been seeing recently is the cute “melted snowmen cookies” that are floating around Tik Tok! Try these out while cookie-cutting and decorating and share them with your whole family (or just yourself if they’re that good!).

With a multitude of different traditions, it’s clear that Christmas is a time for treats! We hope that on top of shopping, decorating, and celebrating this season, this article takes at least some stress away from everything else going on! Have an amazing holiday season and let us know if you try out any of these recipes and goodies!