Big Bon Be Bussin


Julia McGoldrick & Katie Bibby, Contributor

Fresh out of the oven every morning, Big Bon never ceases to satisfy my taste buds whether it’s their special of the week or their plain bagel. Bodega works effortlessly day and night, making bagels in the a.m. and now recently opening a pizza shop in the night. While Bodega just had its five-year anniversary it continues to taste better every time. They make special sandwiches each week adding in and trying new ingredients every time, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some even say that they are “easily the best bagels I have ever had.” Junior Eliza Stubbs says “the 912 is not only the best area code but also the best bagel.” So we aren’t kidding when we tell you these bagels are the real deal. If you haven’t tried it, leave school right now and head over to Bull Street. A senior, Ella McGoldrick from New Jersey, says “this is just as good as the bagels and pizza up north.”