Yogurt YoWay


Julia McGoldrick, Contributor

No more long lunch lines full of hungry kids? How is this possible? Well, no more boxed lunches because lunch has been brought back to pre-covid ways. Freshman Agnes Brown enjoys the yogurt station at lunch and says, “it tastes so good, almost like it’s straight out of a go-gurt packet.” But to complete the meal, she likes to add granola and bananas that pair very nicely with the strawberry taste of the yogurt. Also, they have added in a build-your-own sandwich, salad, and pasta station. Here you can load up your plate with either one or all of the stations. Let’s not forget about one of everyone’s favorite new additions: the freezer full of ice cream! While only being open a few days during the week, it is a treat after enduring five long classes, and it helps to get you through the rest of the day. With all these options now available, everyone can enjoy something delicious every day, making lunch a success.