Julia eats a lot


Julia McGoldrick, Editor-in-Chief

I have always been food’s number one advocate. But if you know me, I am very particular about what I like to eat and the new things I try along the way. With this in mind, my sister persuaded me to start a food account on Instagram where I would review the memorable foods I ate. While it was once just a small account with personal reviews, it soon became a food critics empire that all people wanted to be a part of. My once tiny account has blossomed, not to where I would exactly call it a huge account, but still big enough to where it makes me feel a little famous.

Anyways here are some of my favorite food reviews, and if you need any suggestions let me know:

  1. Java Burrito: This Chipotle-like Mexican restaurant is amazing, everyone in my family is a fan. The new location was opened earlier this year on Broughton street in Savannah and the food is so tasty, fresh, and fun. Definitely worth a try, always a 10/10 in my ratings.
  2. Fiona’s homemade blueberry pancakes: surprisingly this was the first time I had ever had blueberry pancakes and Fiona set the bar really high. They were so bussalicious and Olivia, Fiona, and I ate them all up super fast. Another 10/10.
  3. School lunch is always a hit with my followers, but the senior lunch was definitely everyone’s favorite. Mr. Day’s feature got a lot of views and everyone seemed to enjoy his personal review of the best Chicago dog he has ever had outside of Wrigley field. I had a smoothie that day which was actually really good if anyone was wondering.

If you have any reviews you would like to share with me definitely let me know so I can check out the place myself.