Artist of the Issue

This quarter, the Artist of the Issue is Zoi Johnson. She is a Freshman in Art 101 with Ms. Mulzer. So far this year she has created over 20 pieces of art during school and even some outside of class. Her favorite art piece, so far, is her animal project, when she chose to draw a snake.” When asked why she drew this animal she replied “I chose to draw a snake because many people think they are scary, but really they are just like any other friendly animal.” 

For this project, we were asked to pick an animal. After the animal was chosen, we got to decide which form of drawing we wanted to do on the color part of the paper which was kept in black and white. On a newspaper, Zoi decided to shade it so that it could look as realistic as possible. On the final part, the white area, we were told to add some color. Zoi had one of the best drawings out of everyone who completed this project.