Do You Have Early Onset Senioritis?


Catherine Goodman, Editor-In-Chief

Despite our religious mask-wearing, there seems to be a new epidemic surging through the senior class. Firsthand witnesses have reported seniors with eye-bags, pale skin and slow feet in the halls, desperately forcing themselves through another gruesome day.

62 percent of seniors have reported symptoms of early onset senioritis. Exhaustion, listlessness and “hating life” have been among commonly reported issues plaguing the senior class. 

“Last year took me out,” one senior reported. “All my brain power is gone.”

This gifted senior class has fallen victim to an unforgiving ailment. Once infected, finding motivation to complete the school year in an honorable manner becomes a daunting task. 

However, not all hope is lost. 38 percent of the senior class reported they have not experienced these symptoms. This statistic provides the Country Day community with the smallest glimmer of hope that inspiration is not lost on the class of 2022.