Vox Pop

Lawler White, Contributor

Interesting phrases the Hornets say around campus!

Madalyn Cox – “Squishy, your cup is so cute!”

Blake Culbreth – “Guys, guess what! I have some tea.”

Emerson Wright – “Okay, um, uh, what?!?!?”

Soren Watson – “ If you need me I’ll be in the ceramics room” 

Nora Barid – “It’s been known to happen a lot”

Brooks Kleinpeter – ” Do you want to go to the Hornet Shop?” 

Cleo Shelton and Sarah Sussman – “Can you buy me something?”

Amanda Kronowitz – “Juniors, I need your ring sizes.”

Anslee Poppell –  “I wanna go home.”

Silas Johnson – “Dude, that’s wack!”

Chase Huggins- “It takes me a while to start thinking.”

Stone Spivey-  “Dope” 

Arden Watson – “Sorry I can’t. I have lacrosse.”