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Campus Life

Sloan Collins, Contributor April 28, 2023

The Savannah Country Day campus is one of the most prepossessing sites in Savannah. This sixty five acre campus accommodates babies through twelfth grade students. The Savannah Country Day highschool is...

Buzz Polls Quarter 2

Buzz Polls Quarter 2

Julia McGoldrick and Jake Felser December 8, 2022

Quarter 2 Buzz Polls Best Winter Sport? Girl's Basketball: 36.5% Swimming: 31.3% Wrestling: 32.1% Best Dean? Silver Fox: 44.4% Sir Charles: 28.6% Keenan: 15.4% Mr. Sheridan:...

Vox Pop

Lawler White, Contributor December 8, 2022

Interesting phrases the Hornets say around campus! Madalyn Cox - “Squishy, your cup is so cute!” Blake Culbreth - “Guys, guess what! I have some tea.” Emerson Wright - “Okay, um, uh,...

Teacher Interview

Teacher Interview

Lawler White, Contributor December 7, 2022

What made you choose Savannah Country day? Mr. Heyward thought it was a good opportunity for an excuse to come back home since he was born and raised in Savannah and he also wanted to teach at a place...

You know youre s Sophomore when...

You know you’re s Sophomore when…

Noah Carney, Contributor December 7, 2022

You know you’re a sophomore when you have a lanyard hanging 5 feet out of your pocket.  You know you’re a sophomore when Mrs. Anderson kicks you out of the library twice a week.  You know...

Buzz Polls

Buzz Polls

Eoin Wilson, Jake Felser, and Nick Eskandar, Contributor October 23, 2022

Quarter 1 Buzz Polls Best Ginger? Adam: 44.3% Chase: 8.2% Fiona: 17.2% Hannah: 5.7% Jackson: 24.6% Messiest Grade? 9th: 20.1% 10th: 25.1% 11th: 12.6% Mr. Barron's Grade:...

Look Alikes

Eoin Wilson and Noah Carney October 23, 2022

Marshall Gerber and Hilliard Davis               Adam Rizik and Chase Buerger           Philip Slatinsky...

Vox Pop

“Mommy finally gave me my Privs” - Harden Smallwood   “Surströmming” - Alec Cobb   “What the heck is a thesaurus” - Henry Giello   "What does 'Pushing P' mean?"...

Tell Me a Funny Holiday Story…

Alex Kaminsky, Contributor December 7, 2021

“I make sausage balls with my family on Christmas.” -Cece Hargrove   “[My brother] Gavin got coal for Christmas.” -Adler Walmsley   “When I was growing up, we wouldn’t...

Quarter 2 Buzz Polls

William Lovett and Ross Goodman December 7, 2021

Most Drip: Timo: 40.4%  Lovett: 23.3%  Big Mike: 36.3%   Best Bookstore food:  Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuits: 38.7% Zaxby's Chicken Nibblers: 23% Muffins & Bagels: 20.9%  Pizza:...

You Know Youre a Sophomore When

You Know You’re a Sophomore When

Catherine Goodman, Editor-In-Chief December 6, 2021

You Know You’re a Sophomore when… You act like you aren’t an underclassman    You post selfies of you driving every morning    You use the jingle of your keys as a personality...

Vox Pop

William Lovett and Alec Cobb, Contributor December 6, 2021

  “Dude!, my swing is pure now” - Ross Goodman “Ayoooo Lane” - Henry Giello   “Lost your AirPods? Come see me” - Mr. Barron

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