Campus Life

Sloan Collins, Contributor

The Savannah Country Day campus is one of the most prepossessing sites in Savannah. This sixty five acre campus accommodates babies through twelfth grade students. The Savannah Country Day highschool is an educational and athletic community containing around 350 students. Parents and grandparents of attending students and even the hundreds of faculty and staff members holds a concrete spot in the recent growth in beauty of this campus. 

Hundreds of trees surround this environmentally safe campus while more trees are planted often in the highschool “Tree Club.” In the last few years, enough money was donated to the school so that the new building, Mingledorf, could be built. The old library building was taken down in order for this new, spaced-out, modern building to be built. This is called the STEM building, where math and science classes are held. The new library, a popular hangout spot for highschool students, is a much better replacement with many more places to work compared to the old library. 

Another old building, Minus, is also being renovated. When this building is complete, country day will have enough room for all the classes still having extra space. Hopefully, in the next few years, students will not have to walk to the mods between classes!