The Buzz Music Review

The Buzz Music Review

Paxton Towe, Elijah Nguyen, contributers


“IGOR” is the fifth studio album by Tyler, the Creator. It was released on May 17, 2019. The album features a total of 12 songs and has a total length of 39 minutes and 46 seconds. Since its release, the album has been received well. The album was at the number one spot on the US top 200.



IGOR was Tyler’s first album which made him super popular. Before this, Tyler was experimenting with both rap and contemporary music. His music style changes can be seen when comparing albums like Flower Boy to Okra, which made critics believe that Tyler would never be successful. However, IGOR showed that Tyler can be both unique and successful. IGOR’S THEME opens the album up and immediately expresses the entire tone of the album. From the start, Tyler creates a unique vibe with blaring synthesizers, amps, drums, and other miscellaneous objects. Tyler doesn’t make this album longer than necessary, either. Every song seems to utilize every second. It’s never too short or too long, which is shocking with its small run time of 39 minutes.