Hornet Music review

Gracen Gaceau and Matilde Robbe

We sent out a form asking about the upper school’s favorite Music…

Here are our results:

We had 70 people respond in total, 30 freshmen, 16 sophomores, 14 juniors, and 10 seniors.  

The school’s favorite was very clearly Taylor Swift at 10 total responses, but Lil’ Baby followed her with three total votes. Babytron, The Weeknd, NBA Youngboy, and Morgan Wallen all tied for 3rd place with two votes each. Every other artist had a single vote or was part of a combo response, which wasn’t counted when we sorted through the data. 

Music preferences by grade?

For 12th grade, the general favorite seemed to be country, while jazz, classical, rap, rock, trap, British drill, and indie all tied for second with a single vote each. We didn’t get very many responses from the 12th grade, so this data is a very limited sample.


For 11th grade, we got an array of genres from hip-hop to rock to pop, but there seems to be a few favorites in terms of musical time periods: The greatest number of votes went to the modern time period for music, while the 2020s and 2000s tied both at 2 votes. The rest, 80-90s, 2000-2023, 2010s, 2010s-Present, and 1600s, were all tied with a single vote. 

In 10th grade, we had an outstanding winner of the year 2000 at 3 votes. While all the rest are tied at 1. 

In 9th grade, Taylor swift and pop were the most popular artist and genre.

The most liked artist…

Taylor Swift

As many know, Talyor Swift is a multi-platinum artist that has captured the hearts of many young girls. At the young age of fourteen Taylor signed with Sony/ATV, and she hit multiple charts like the top 100 and 40, respectively; many of her songs were either singles or self-titled songs. Her album 1989, named after the year she was born, was a hit, but this wasn’t her only influence, as she has created a wide array of music ranging from country to pop. Her platinum certification happened in 2007 marking 1 million of her copies sold. Although, this was not her only celebratory event, for in 2009 Taylor Swift was nominated and won the best female video with her song, “You Belong with Me.” At this time Kayne West stood up and informed the crowd that Beyoncé’s video was “one of the best videos of all time.” 

Taylor Swift In Upper School,

14% of our respondents chose Swift as their favorite song, but 70% of the fans were actually from 9th grade. No seniors chose Taylor as their favorite, and we only had 1 sophomore with 2 juniors choosing her (Of course, this is just a sample).

Through the controversies, Taylor has pushed through and is currently about to start a new tour. Taylor’s new album will mark her tenth so far, and many fans are going to celebrate by dressing up as her albums while attending the concerts. This “Midnight” album caused a lot of commotion for fans throughout the world, with many of them staying up until midnight just to listen to it. This album was the story of 3 restless nights of Taylor’s life (people.com), and was released on the 21st of October, almost an entire year after following her last re-recorded album, “Red.” Midnights included tracks like “Anti-Hero,” and Maroon.