Fortnite Chapter Three

After a long wait, Fortnite chapter 3 has finally arrived. With the new update, there have been changes to game mechanics and overall aesthetics of the game that have come with it. These new additions to the game have kept it fundamentally the same, but new enough to keep things fresh. The debut of everyone’s favorite superhero, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, has made it especially exciting. Along with the character, you’ll also have the ability to wear Spider-Man’s web-shooters and swing from building to building.

Fortnite chapter 2 ended with lots of twists and cliffhangers. It ended with a character named Jonsey throwing a Cube Queen in the ocean. A new character called The Foundation, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, was also teased. He helps save the day, and in the process, flips the entire fortnight map, introducing the new objective of breaking The Loop. Though this concept makes little sense right now, it will slowly unravel itself throughout the chapter.

One of the most noticeable changes during chapter 3, at least aesthetically, is that half the map is covered in snow now which makes sense since it is still Wintertime. You’ll even find bushes with Christmas lights on them that also match the season. There will probably be more weather types later on including tornadoes and even lighting throughout the duration of the chapter. The new chapter 3 map also has structural changes, as well.

The new chapter is Fortnite Chapter 3 Flipped because the entire map has been flipped. This is the most noticeable change in the new season so far because it is very different from what usually happens when a new season comes out. Typically, multiple new areas are added to the map, but the overall layout of the island often stays the same.

The map isn’t the only new feature added to Fortnite chapter 3. Other mechanical features such as sliding around on their knees, which is perfect for players who like to multitask. Another new mechanic is the ability to aim down sights with a new weapon that uses a red dot site, making it feel like a first-person shooter. This is a big change because Fortnite has been completely third-person until now.