Quarter 2 Buzz Polls

William Lovett and Ross Goodman

Most Drip:

Timo: 40.4% 

Lovett: 23.3% 

Big Mike: 36.3%


Best Bookstore food: 

Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuits: 38.7%

Zaxby’s Chicken Nibblers: 23%

Muffins & Bagels: 20.9% 

Pizza: 17.4%


Coolest Freshman: 

Shane Ross Glisson: 24.4%

Wynn Dennard: 6% 

Woods Lovett: 33.6% 

Kent: 35.9%


Biggest Menace:

Andrew Messali: 46.7%

David Christian: 11.1%

Rooda Bing: 32.9% 

Davis Dooley: 9.3%


Cutest Senior:

Justin Gaoette: 22%

Victor Zheng: 36.9%

Kevin Georjetski: 7.5%

Henry Giello: 33.6%


Best Celsius Flavor:

I don’t know I carry it around for the aesthetic: 43%

Peach: 21.7%

Orange: 15.9%

Watermelon: 19.3%


Red Taylor’s Version or Fearless Taylor’s Version?

Red Taylor’s Version: 43.9%

Fearless Taylor’s Version: 20.2%

Literal Silence: 35.9%


Most Anticipated Girls Sport?

Basketball: 40.5%

Flag Football: 31.7%

Soccer: 17.2%

Tennis: 10.6%


Is BC soft for not playing us in basketball this year?

Yes: 7.4%

So Soft: 3.9%

Ultrasoft: 9.2%

Charmin Soft: 79.5% 


Will Harden Smallwood make the golf team?

Absolutely not: 27.7%

yes, harden has a lot of potential this year and doesn’t rage on the course whatsoever: 25%

Yes, Harden is so calm that he will definitely make the team: 9.5%

Is this a joke?: 37.7%


Best Ginger:

Duncan: 40%

Frank Barnes: 25.8%

Chase Buerger: 9.8%

Eoin Wilson: 24.4% 


Worst Fantasy Football Punishment: 

The Cage: 40.9%

Standing in a kiddy pool from open to close: 14.5%

Wearing high heels for the day at school: 30.9%

Stay in Buffalo Wild Wings for the day (1 blazing wing takes off a hour): 13.6% 


Best Art: 

Ceramics: 28.7%

Photography: 18.3%

Drawing and Painting: 28.7%

Freshman Art: 24.3%


Better DJ: 

DJ keesh: 91% 

Homecoming DJ: 9% 


Best Freshcut: 

Avi: 21.9%

Jackson Mondy: 16.5%

Madden Gerlach (His mom curls his hair): 44.6%

Zucc (William Lovett): 17%


Worst Athlete: 

Harden Smallwood (Cross Country): 29.2%

Henry Giello (Lacrosse): 19.4%

Ross Goodman (Football): 29.2%

Rivers Carson (Basketball): 22.2%


Would you rather have to kill a chicken every time you get into your car or fight an ape once a year but you get a sword?

Ape: 71.4% 

Chicken: 28.6%


Best Coffee: 

Cutters Point 31.9%

Starbucks: 42.9%

Chick-Fil-A: 11.9%

Dunkin Donuts: 13.3%