Tell Me a Funny Holiday Story…


Alex Kaminsky, Contributor

“I make sausage balls with my family on Christmas.” -Cece Hargrove


“[My brother] Gavin got coal for Christmas.” -Adler Walmsley


“When I was growing up, we wouldn’t write who the present was from. Instead, we would write clues of who it was from, and we would have to try and guess.”-Dr. Kiser


“We watch Pride and Prejudice BBC miniseries original every year on Christmas”-Carey Bass


“Inside jokes with the fam. I tell my grandma she’s old.”-Harden Smallwood


“All my cousins’ boyfriends or girlfriends have to sit on Santa’s lap. It’s our neighbor who dresses up as Santa and it’s really uncomfortable.” -Madalyn Cox


“Christmas.”-Jake Felser


“We hang stockings for my dog and put stuff in them.” -Claudia Birthisel


“Yell at each other. Argue.” -Emily Buerger


“My cousin and I made a five-song rap ep on GarageBand last Christmas, and we are planning to do it again this year.”-Silas Johnson