Campus Life


Caroline Kraeuter and Laura Taylor

Welcome to a whole new campus. One where smiling faces are fully visible wherever you go. One where styrofoam boxes are no longer littering the quad, and a building is slowly taking shape. With the new semester approaching, here are some things to expect. First off, if you run into a complete stranger, don’t panic, it’s probably just a freshman who took their mask off. Good luck to anyone trying to get to lunch, as the freshmen continue to occupy the Loggia, creating an impenetrable crowd similar to one outside a Harry Styles concert. On your way back from lunch, one can expect to see a riveting Stick Game in progress, often accompanied by an intense game of Giant Jenga just ahead. When you finally reach The Quad and sit down at your table, the cacophony of both the Jenga and Stick Game players combined with the melodious sounds of construction will make it nearly impossible to hear your friend next to you. Never fear! If you want a quieter place to work, look no further than the library in The Mods; it is only a short trek across campus before you reach the calm and quiet of Mod G. If you find some free carpet space to work on, you only need to worry about being caught in the middle of a recycle bin joust in the Senior Section. If you successfully avoid that and manage to connect to WiFi for more than five seconds, lucky you, you’ve achieved the Country Day difference.