Campus Life


Sarah Pine and Caroline Kraeuter

Welcome back Hornets! As I’m sure you all may have noticed, things are a little different around here. For one, the library is gone. Instead, we have a real-life Minecraft mansion being built in front of our very eyes! Since this feat of architecture is still in the works, our new, and quite impressive, library is now in the mods. While I personally have not been able to visit, as I am too lazy to make the trek all the way over there, I’ve heard it looks just like the old one, just a little cozier. All jokes aside, the plans for the new Mingledorff Hall are beautiful and our only regret is that being seniors, we won’t be able to use the finished building next year. 

Speaking of the new library, the senior hangout spot has also been relocated and remodeled. Now, around ten seniors get the luxury of reclining in Adirondack chairs on the outskirts of the quad. Although underclassmen have frequently overrun the space, seniors have enjoyed the spot to socialize and do homework. Aside from seating, Seniors have also seen a change in the parking lot. The first-come, first-serve system seems to be working quite well, and even discouraging tardiness which is usually an issue among the Senior class. Plus, every morning we get the slight thrill of fighting for a tiny blue dot in a sea of parked cars.

You have probably also seen the lunchroom’s new glow up. It was almost like stepping into our own little farmer’s market. Exciting additions include a yoghurt bar, sub counter, and a fully stocked flavor station. Aside from more food options, colorful flowers and decorations now cover almost every surface in the lunchroom. 

That’s all the news we have for you today, but we will keep you updated with any future changes. Go Hornets!