Seniority Complex


Seniors Ty Schneider and Emma Mixon decorate their cars on the eve of their last first day.

Catherine Goodman , Editor-In-Chief

This year in response to the construction, senior parking has been severely limited. However, the construction is not the only inhibitor to the senior’s privileges, for some juniors have boldly taken spots.

“It’s disrespectful,” said Senior Amina Okumu. 

The senior lot is not only a long awaited privilege, but a reward for making it through a gruesome Junior year.

“It’s the 8th deadly sin,” said Junior Julia McGoldrick, “I would never.”

This issue is not merely an issue of tradition, but respect. As a result of the junior’s actions, seniors have been personally victimized. 

“It hurts my feelings,” said Senior Ross Goodman. Goodman is one of the many seniors who have participated in the tiresome walk from Darby field as a results of a few audacious Juniors. 

To save the juniors any further embarrassment, the class of 2022 politely asks the parking scandal to stop.