Female Athlete of the Issue: Julia McGoldrick

Ella Stone, Contributor

Senior, Julia McGoldrick, has had huge impacts on the Varsity Girl’s basketball team throughout the preseason of the 2022-2023 season. Julia is a lockdown defender and is always recording multiple steals in a game. She likes defense more than offense because of the satisfaction that comes with messing up other people’s games. With that being said, Julia is still a very important aspect of the lady hornet’s offense. When asked what her favorite shot was, Julia answered, “the corner three because it’s the most difficult shot, but very fun when they are all falling.” Julia is excited for the girl’s upcoming season because of her own senior night and how great she feels about the youth on our team. Julia exclaims that “everyone is settling in and getting more confident,” when asked about the freshies on the girl’s team. Juju’s typical gameday consists of waking up, putting on sweatpants and an scds shirt, going to school, going to the locker room to take a nap, going into the athletic conference room to grub, watching some film, and then changing into jerseys. Next thing you know we are demolishing in the hornet’s nest. Julia’s advice to younger female athletes is, “keep persevering and find the sport you love because you don’t have to do anything you don’t enjoy, and there’s a sport for everyone so you can do what you love.” Come out and support your Lady Hornet’s basketball team and Julia as we become 3-time region champs this season.