F1 Championship Fight Goes Down to the Wire

Cole Gensheimer, Website Administrator

For the first time in 47 years the two championship contenders are tied at 369.5 points. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will face off in Abu Dhabi this Sunday in a winner takes all finale. Should neither driver finish the race in the points, or should they tie (one takes 10th with fastest lap and the other takes 9th) the winner will be decided based on the number of race wins during the season. Max Verstappen would be crowned champion as he stands at nine race wins compared to Hamilton’s eight.

A Mercedes car had taken first at the Abu Dhabi circuit since the beginning of the turbo hybrid era, until last year when Red Bull’s Max Verstappen ended the streak. This leaves a bit of a question as to which car is the favorite this weekend. Add the significant track changes* and we could have an exciting race.

(*A faster run to the hairpin and the re-profiling of several corners to open them up. This should increase entry speeds and hopefully boost overtaking opportunities)

If you want a break from studying this weekend the race unfortunately starts quite early (8 am) but if you find yourself waking up out of habit you know where to find some entertainment. I will not be pleased to be getting out of bed.

In the team constructors championship Mercedes looks to have clinched their 8th consecutive win. After Sergio Perez’s DNF, the gap between Mercedes and RedBull sits at 28 points. Although it hasn’t been without drama for Mercedes, it looks like we’ll have to wait for the fresh car designs in the 2022 Season to see the end of their dominance. 

(“Mercedes Drama”)