Celebrating All Athletic Success


Catherine Goodman , Editor-In-Chief

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 states that no person in the United States will be “excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of or be subjected to discriminations under any education program” according to their gender. While the law only compels equal participation, Country Day must ensure equal celebration.

The law has been lauded for increasing participation, funding and opportunities for female athletes; however, girls’ and women’s’ sports continue to lack many integral aspects of athletics, including attention and attendance. These inequities are clear in school, college, and professional venues. Who didn’t notice the men’s Ritz Carlton weight room during the NCAA March Madness tournament last year, when compared to the girls’ Motel 6? 

Title IX can ensure minimal opportunities and access for female athletes, but it is incapable of dictating the public’s perception and reaction to female athletic success. Country Day has some highly accomplished female athletes and athletic teams. For example, Abby Nicholson (volleyball), Sarah Jane Schulze (cross country), and Anna Pollack (track). Yet, the number of fans at the girls’ sporting events barely outnumbers the articles on the Saunders sports bulletin board celebrating them (zero). 

The bulletin board in the athletic department, on the right, is meant to showcase the athletic achievements of our community. However, the board obscenely lacks female representation. In the last six months, female athletes have been included in the news for Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Cross Country and Basketball, but not one article is showcased.

Celebrating athletic accomplishments is not mutually exclusive along gender lines – unless we make it so. We should continue to celebrate our men’s athletes such as Reed Lotter (golf) and Barry Kleinpeter (football). We should be proud to have a community that excels in all athletic arenas. 

Country Day works avidly to create a welcoming environment for female athletes in all sports. The addition of a girl’s flag football team this year is just one example of our school’s commitment to working toward eliminating the gender gap between sports. While commendable, as a community, we must commit ourselves not only to equal participation, but to equal celebration. So get out and support your female athletes – and go Hornets!