Thursday Night Lights


Catherine Goodman , Editor-In-Chief

After the long-anticipated 2021 Homecoming Flag Football tournament, the seniors, to the surprise of no one, reigned supreme. With height, speed, talent, strategy and stylish jerseys, the seniors not only intimidated the competition, but absolutely demolished them. On the tail of the senior boy’s intense volleyball match against the faculty, the senior class was determined to keep their win streak alive. 


With a combination of minimal practice and copious amounts of body paint, the senior class took to the field and simply brought the freshmen to their knees. The nail-biting match concluded with the seniors winning 21-0. 


Still on their throne of glory, the seniors finally took the field to face-off against the over-confident junior squad. This match-up had been the talk of the quad table, with junior coaches Noah Carney and Michael Grandy making fruitless promises of a junior win. 


While the junior class was studded with key players such as Anna “the Jet” Pollack and Julia “JuJu” McGoldrick, the seniors were relentless. The senior defensive lockdown was led by Mya Felser, Emily Buerger and Ansley Keaton with key flag-pulls, tips and the ultimate “tackle.” Likewise, the offense was a force to be reckoned with led by quarterback Catherine Goodman, speed demon Amina Okumu and key receivers Grace Wilson and Haley Avino. 


The high-stakes game was emotional, riveting and stripped straight from a coming-of-age movie. Fighting against the juniors’ false accusations of foul play, the seniors rallied. Coaches Barry Kleinpeter and Kenny Odom worked to keep morale high while on the sidelines the senior class supporters went feral. 


When the time finally ran out, and announcers Ty Schneider and Cade Garola announced the seniors’ unsurprising victory, the juniors padded away in shame. Maybe next year class of 2023.