Julia eats a lot

Julia McGoldrick, Editor-in-Chief

Even though I have been extremely inactive on my Instagram account, I hope to start sharing all the best dines with you again. Senior privs means that Julia and her friends get to go out and eat their lunch… a lot. Most of the time I take pictures, saying I’m going to post them, and I never end up doing it, so I decided to share my findings here. Jake, Nick, and I dined at the mall’s food court. I was skeptical of the mall’s food, but Jake assured me that although my stomach may hurt after, it can’t be that bad since I’m only eating rice and veggies, as opposed to his chicken-packed rice bowl. Nick had the fried rice with chicken and steak, and honestly, the picture is repulsing, and I can’t even tell what that is. My food was okay, and my stomach hurt after, but that may have been from laughing at Jake and Nick getting massages (yes, at the mall). Nick and Jake’s go-to place, though, is Sushi Time Towa, an underrated Savannah delicacy. I get the avocado rolls, and we order edamame for the table, as well. Jake gets a roll (or two) and fried rice with chicken, NO VEGGIES. Next, Nick gets rice and chicken but does include a nice side of veggies in his meal. He pairs this with a tuna roll, although he did ask for salmon. Marshall also decided to join us this time. He gets the fried rice with chicken as well, but no greens were present in his bland-colored meal. The best part of this place is the excellent music choice, which does not fit the vibe of the restaurant whatsoever! Although I never initially want to go to this restaurant, I always end up playing well in my basketball game that night. So if you are ever in need of some luck, definitely dine at the Towa.