Artists of the Issue

Artists of the Issue

Matilde Robbe, Contributor

The Savannah Jazz Festival, starting September twentieth and ending September twenty-fifth, just saw the likes of our Upper School Jazz Combo take the stage. 

Conducted by Mr. Elliott, the Combo, ranging from seniors to freshmen, includes a total of ten members playing the trumpet, trombone, vocals, vibes, guitars, bass, and saxophone.

The ensemble performed four pieces in the quad during break in mid-September including Alright, Okay, You Win; Girl from Ipanema; I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You; and Cold Duck Time for the enjoyment of all the Upper School students and staff. Following this, they went on to play those same pieces at the Savannah Jazz Festival on its last day. 

The performance was held at Georgia Southern University, and our very own Jazz Combo was the only band to receive a standing ovation that night. 

However, they were not the only band to perform at the Jazz Festival from Country Day on Sunday. The Jazz Ensemble played a total of four pieces as well, three of which were Cubano Chant, Feeling Good, and The Cool One. The ensemble includes about thirty members who play the keyboard, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, and more. 


Congratulations to both ensembles!