Meet Mr. Brooks


Feriby McCorkle, Contributor

For those of you who haven’t met Mr. Brooks. He is a new addition to the SCDS faculty. This is
his first year teaching in his career; He teaches Pre-Calc and Algebra 1. When interviewing him,
we were very curious why Mr. Brooks chose Country Day to be the school where he kicks off his
education career, and if it has been as amazing as he pictured it.

Mr. Brooks moved from England to America 5 years ago. He was desperate for a change in a
larger country, so he came to Massachusetts and received his Under-Graduates degree. He began
to look for work in the South because he wanted a “change in perspective”. SCDS had heard
about Mr. Brooks so they reached out requesting an interview.

After interviewing the school Mr. Brooks knew Country Day was where he belonged. He was
persuaded by the friendly students, welcoming faculty, and plans for the future of the school.
Savannah called Mr. Brooks’ name, he loved walking around feeling the history surrounding
within every cobble stone step, and brick square. The rivers flowing throughout Savannah, and
especially downtown gave off a European feel that made him feel close to home. The cultivated
environment he was searching for had been found.

Now that we are halfway done with the semester, we were wondering if SCDS is still the perfect
match? The shoe still fits for Mr. Brooks, the college environment with an unspoken shared goal
of overall success has kept Mr. Brooks busy and content with his decision to work at SCDS.