Artist of the Issue: Sarah Jane Schulze


Lawler White, Contributor

Sarah Jane Schulze has always had a passion for art. Even as a little kid, she was the best artist in her grade. Sarah Jane’s chosen medium is either drawing or painting, and she often finds her inspiration from nature, just like in the pictures seen above. These works of art were made this year, and the photo of the oysters was part of a collection she sold to help raise money to replace white oaks in Wormsloe Historic Site. Sarah Jane loves sharing her work with the rest of the world to enjoy, so another project she did this year was making Christmas cards that were sold in our very own Hornet shop. These were a hit and completely sold out. After speaking with her art teacher, Christine Hefner, this is what she had to say about the young artist, “SJ is an extremely talented artist. She is currently in an independent art class, so she takes extreme thought into every project she creates, and no matter what project she is doing, she puts all her effort and time into making them perfect. She is very detailed and patient. She isn’t just an amazing artist, but a kind and intelligent young woman as well.” Speaking not just for myself but for everyone at Savannah Country Day, we are extremely excited to see where this passion for art takes this young artist.