Holiday Gift Guide


Julia McGoldrick & Carson Gerber , Contributor

Looking for a gift for your special someone? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered:

  1. He’s/She’s mine shirt: Is someone getting a little too cozy with your bae and you need them to back off? Send them a message with this shirt!
  2. Bobblehead: Do you have the urge to stare at a small cartoon version of your lifelong partner? If so, this is for you! 
  3. Perfume: Does your significant other smell kind of stank and you don’t have the heart to tell them? Get them the Fantasy Britney Spears perfume or head over to your local Bath & Body Works to solve this musty mess.

Is your relationship a little one-sided? Here’s the way to secure the bag. 

  1. Backpack leash: They can never leave your side no matter how hard they try. Extra points if you get their favorite animal!
  2. Any present with a secret Tile tracker attached: Grab whatever gift you would like and make sure to keep the Tile a secret so you know where your cutie pie is at all times 


So if you need some more ideas on gifts, which you shouldn’t, ask Carson, Eliza, Katie, or me, because our ideas are always perfect!