Movie Review: Cinderella


Katie Bibby, Contributor

Is everyone’s favorite childhood story (Cinderella) too updated from the original? Some may say yes and some will no, so let’s talk about the differences. In the remake, Cinderella has gained the nickname of “Ella.” Cinderella’s personality has definitely changed, in the new movie she has a passion for sewing that she does not have in the original. She wishes to be a fashion designer one day with her own shop in the market. She spends all of her free time creating dresses and designing sketches. In the original movie when the prince proposes, Cinderella, says yes immediately. However, in the new one, she denies him at first so she is able to follow her dreams of being a fashion designer, which she would not be able to do as a princess. The Prince also received a dramatic personality change, he was portrayed as a pampered boy who did not know much about the kingdom at first but grew into his senses. Cinderella and the Prince’s character changes made the movie more interesting.

The traditional things when you think of Cinderella were changed, but was it a bad change? The traditional classical music that we all hated but loved has been replaced with a new modern twist of music. The music in Cinderella is much more pop, rap, and not many classics are now on the soundtrack for the movie. Even in her role as Cinderella, Camila Cabello sang many of her own songs. The fairy godmother has also been booted from the updated version and there is now a genderless fairy godparent that helps Cinderella along the way. Overall the plot of Cinderella has mostly stayed the same, but tiny details along the way have created a totally different cinderella. This is not technically a bad thing, the movie is still a classic whether you’re watching the original or the updated one.