Campus Life


Caroline Kraeuter, Contributor

Hey Hornets! I hope everyone has returned from Winter Break refreshed and ready to get back to work because I know I haven’t. It seems that the legends are true; senioritis is very real and very contagious. It is so contagious, in fact, that it seems to be infecting the Junior class as well. In other senior-related news, Senior Privs are now in full effect. I’m sure many have noticed the emptier-than-usual lunchroom and the fleet of cars racing out the front gate at 1:15, rushing to get to the Chick-fil-A before the next class starts. However, a rather unusual development is using Senior Privs to simply sit in one’s car in the parking lot. This winter, the erratic weather seems to be driving (pun not intended) students to seek shelter where they can while the new building is still underway. Speaking of the building, it finally resembles an actual structure. Bricks are starting to line the outer walls, and it seems windows may be up next. Now onto COVID news, the Omicron variant is here to stay for the time being, and we’re back in masks; but look on the bright side; at least they keep your face warm. Plus, now, you don’t have to panic and awkwardly smile when you accidentally lock eyes with someone you don’t know. Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great start this year and keeps up the hard work until May!