Girl’s Basketball


Julia McGoldrick & Ella Stone, Contributor

Our defending region champs have had a strong start to the season with a 3-2 record with games against Statesboro High, Richmond Hill, Pinewood Christian, Hilton Head Prep and Ridgeland-Hardeeville. This year we are expected to protect our champion title and crush our remaining opponents. 

The team consists of ten people this year, all of whom add to our exceptionally talented group. Our 6 foot (+) posts, Kat and Abby, are the perfect way to scare our opponents before the game even starts! While they may not be quite as tall, our other posts, Lawler and AC are always ready to back their teammates in any fight.

To get even shorter, we have our guards. Catherine worked herself so hard this summer to get into basketball shape that she actually ended up hurting her shoulder. However, that was only the first of many challenges our girls have overcome (Grace’s wisdom teeth removal being one of our favorite moments this season.) Before her brief hiatus, Grace got some bloody knuckles from a brawl with Fiona earlier in the season. Julia continues to end up on the floor, even with no contact, which keeps games and practices interesting. Stella has been working hard in her free periods shooting with Dallas. And Ella is always the one who is raising their hand and asking the hard questions, on every single play. Special thanks to Fiona for having all the snacks in her locker, again. 

We would also like to thank our #1 (and only) supporters Mya Felser, Ella McGoldrick, and Reese Ritche, and most importantly Catherine’s grandma for cheering us on! The girls have only six games before our first region showdown against St. Vincent’s. The Hornets are also competing in the Queen City Clash in Charlotte, North Carolina during winter break. Up there, we will take on Charlotte Country Day School and Pinewood-SC. We are looking forward to continuing our season, growing our team chemistry and steamrolling our way back to the region championship.