Fantasy Football


William Lovett, De Coldest to eva do it

On a nice Sunday afternoon, millions of people sit frantically on their couches praying that their
Fantasy Football Team does well. Fantasy Football is based on the NFL and the players’ stats every week. For instance, every touchdown scored gets a player 6 points, or every yard gets a player .1 points. In Fantasy Football you play in a league, for the ultimate goal of money or pride. However, the worst part is the punishment. Whoever ends up in last place at the end of the year, has to do a punishment of the league’s choosing, whether it is staying in Waffle House for 24 hours and eating a waffle takes one hour off the duration of time you spend in there. Coming off my win last year, I let the pride get to my head. I got way too trigger-happy with the trades and it came to stab me in the back. After multiple fatal trades, my team has dropped to the record of 5 wins and 6 losses. However, I’m still thankful I’m not last.