A New Staff Addition


James Crake, Contributor

Mr. Nelson is the new Physics and Algebra teacher this year at SCDS’s Upper School. He teaches primarily underclassmen in the upper school. In Physics, he has mostly freshman, but a couple of sophomores and juniors. I asked him a few questions in an interview, including what his favorite part of SCDS was so far. “I like that the kids want to do well and learn new material,” he says.”I like the atmosphere and the kids.”

Mr. Nelson is teaching three different classes. Three periods of physics, introductory to Algebra 2, and a review of Algebra 1. “The physics class is predominantly 9th graders, and the Algebra 1 class is 9th graders too. But the Algebra 2 class is only two people, and they’re both 10th graders.”

Mr. Nelson is also a huge game. I asked him what his favorite was. “I’ve played a lot of Halo,” he says. “I love horror games too…I’m a big Resident Evil fan.”