Artist of the Issue


Alex Kaminsky, Contributor

The one and only Lauren Sparks has the spotlight as the artist of the issue. This SCDS senior discovered her photography passion where she grew up in Hong Kong, and she continues to take amazing photos in Savannah. Lauren is taking an independent study of photography with Mrs. Hefner; she practices her craft inside and outside of the classroom. Mrs. Hefner supports Lauren in her work and enters her in photography contests. Awarded the gold and silver key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, Lauren is already being recognized for her passion. 

Lauren stated that she wants to pursue the photography business; she plans on double majoring in photography and business at her future college. She also wants to focus on fashion photography and portraits; she and her friend, Olivia, work on many projects together that consist of stunning shots. Olivia is featured in a majority of Lauren’s work. Just last week, the two bought a dress from goodwill and took a mini shoot in it. Lauren asks that everyone follow her instagram account,, to see many of her photos posted. Shown above is just one gorgeous piece displayed on her instagram she is presently editing. Lauren is a talented photographer and definitely deserves to be recognized for her skill behind the camera.