Advice to Freshman


Jake Felser, Contributor

To my dear freshman, high school is big and scary. You’ll want to wear bright neon clothes, so you can be seen at all times, even when it is pitch dark out. This will make you seem cool and hip, so you can fit in with the high schoolers. If I had done this my freshman year, I’d be in a better place today. Another thing you’ll need to do is be very loud, so loud that your voice becomes raspy. Being this loud will let your teachers and fellow students know that you are excited to go to, and be at school. This will make your teachers like you more, especially if you’re speaking loud over the teacher during class. You will also need to run everywhere, going from class to class. Coming from your past class with sweat dripping down your face will show your initiative to learn. Your classmates will look up to you, wishing they had as much initiative to learn as you. When you do this enough for it to become habitual, a part of your being, you’ll finally look around, and see the stares, smirks, and giggles directed towards you.