The Gentlemen’s Game


Catherine Goodman , Editor-In-Chief

If you’ve been noticing an uncharacteristic lack of male presence in the quad, you can thank none other than the up-and-coming “stick game.” The game was brought to campus by senior Ty Schneider to spend quality time with his fellow gentlemen. The overall structure of the game consists of the boys standing in a circle with a blue and purple painted stick. To earn a point one must ricochet the stick from the ground and hit another player’s lower body. The game is one of mind over matter: no flinching, no cheating, no mercy. 

However, it is a gentleman’s game as reported by many of the participants. The boy’s shake hands frequently, golf-clap after every hit and are constituents of honesty. 

Unfortunately, on the afternoon of October 1st at roughly 1:55pm, tragedy struck the stick game arena. Witnesses have reported Woods Lovett and a gang of other freshmen boys infiltrating the field and later on, breaking the stick. His means of obtaining the stick, as well as his motives for the destruction of the tool are unknown, however the impacts are seen across the senior class. 

“Betrayed by my own blood,” said senior William Lovett. 

Fellow senior James Daters added, “there’s a stick-sized whole in my heart.”