Athlete of the Issue: Henry Giello


William Lovett, Contributor

Henry Giello is known by many names, “Hank” being the most popular. Weighing in at 6”1, 250 lbs, Jello is peak male performance. The boy can move weight.  However, everyone knows his real name, whether he is walking around the quad confused or pancaking defensive linemen. When asked about the impact that Henry Giello had on his life, Star Receiver Kenny Odom replied: “Henry has enlightened me in a multidimensional way, whether he is pondering the philosophical question of the socio-economic outcome of the pandemic or his hard work and dedication to the game of football.” In his senior Year, Henry was voted to be one of four football captains. Henry, the vocal leader of the offensive line, has uplifted those around him and contributed to their 2 and 0 record, with his spirit and hard work.