Volleyball Pregame Meals


Olivia Wells and Mason Howington, Contributor

Pregame meals give our volleyball players energy for the games. We have played teams from Atlanta all the way to Hilton Head so far this season, and have been well nourished for all games thanks to our generous parents. Our head coach, Brigette Slack, gives us that extra support and coaching that we need before every game as well. With a 4 and 14 record so far, we obviously dominate everyone we play. 

For this article, we asked our fellow teammates their opinions on some of our most controversial foods so far. 

Warm and sweet meat from Firehouse Subs 

“I would have to say it was pretty terrible and I do not think I would eat it ever again”

Lilla Brennan 


Zoe’s Chicken swords 

“It was bussin’”

Ayo Ajayi

Publix Cookies 

“The peanut butter cookies are disgraceful, but the chocolate chip cookies are heavenly”

Fiona Wilson

Chick Fil A 

“My Chick-Fil-A grilled nuggets make me feel so energized and ready for the game. Them tasting good is a bonus too.”

Anslee Poppell