Q4 Buzz Polls

Best Presidential Campaign


Check Cox on the voting box won with 31.1%

Close in second place was A.W. is A W 30.7%

Third was Find our way, vote for Adjei 23.1%

In fourth was Running into the White House (John Ryan) 15.1%


Best Spring Athlete (guys)


The entire LAX team 31.1%

Woods Lovett 27.6%

John Ryan 16.4%

Marshall Gerber 14.2%

Eoin Wilson 10.7%


Best Spring Athlete(girls)


Anna Pollack 36%

Sophia Okumu 17.3%

Tie between Claudia Birthisel and Fiona Wilson 15.1%

Mary Elizabeth Semones 12%

Skye Horn 4.4%


Best Assembly announcement 


No surprise Rylan’s soccer updates won with 46.7%

Second to that is Mr Crenshaw’s self written articles (exclusively the golf ones)27.6%

Alex Kaminsky’s Valentines day updates 15.6%

Mr Queenans Drama updates 4%

Mr. Currans announcements 3.6%

Mr Muller’s Mock trial happenings 2.7%


Best Current event


Eras Tour 71.1 %

Morgan Wallens new Album 28.9%


Team Hailey or Team Selena


Team Selena 85.8%

Team Hailey 14.2%


Worst Case of Senioritis


Alex Kaminsky won with 31.6% of the votes

Ruby Fleetwood 24%

Logan Lin 17.8%

Avi 17.3%

Nick Eskander 9.3%