SCDS Men’s Varsity Tennis


Paxton Towe, Contributer

The SCDS mens varsity tennis team is the regional champion of the Savannah region. This is their third consecutive win in the region championship, each one consisting of hard fought matches against the SCPS raiders. This year, we won three matches out of five. However, this win in particular was truly entertaining and appropriate for senior Jake Felser’s last game.

Let’s look at the wins that day. At three singles, the dominant powerhouse of Nico Dascombe ripped through the singles player at SCPS, finishing the game in around an hour. He had only lost a handful of matches that season, and led the team in individual wins.

Second doubles, consisting of two freshmen in the form of Finlay Taylor and Wills Davis, also won. They smoked the unprepared raiders’ team in the first set, but stumbled a little in the second set, causing them to lose it and force themselves into a 3rd set tiebreaker. The team pushed through the blazing day and ended up winning the game in heroic fashion in the 3rd set.

Now, for the most essential and entertaining game by far: 2nd singles commanded by Jake Felser. While Jake lost the first set, he pounced back into the 2nd set, making no unforced errors and focusing on his serving skills. He had multiple aces and customarily had double-digit rallies that, to the viewer, were nailbitters, but to the calm and collective Jake were simply practice. He won the second set, and then destroyed his opponent 6-0 in the third set, ending his regular season as a senior in fashion. 

The losses were ultimately hard fought losses. 1st singles led by Henry Berg lost to the number one player in Georgia. However, in the grand scheme of things, that title did not matter, and Henry still put up a great effort. 1st doubles played by Lawson Zhou and Paxton Towe also lost, with their exhausting match lasting around two hours.

Ultimately, the 2023 SCDS tennis team had an amazing performance, and ended the season 16-2.