Male Athlete of the Issue

Maddox Rahimi and Jake Felser

When asked who the best athlete in the school is, most Country Day students would respond with athletes who dominate their respective sport: such as Michael Grandy of the football team or John Ryan of the cross country team. However, an athlete that is often overlooked is Jackson Mondy, who is currently participating in cross country, swimming, and the clay target team at an elite level. Because of his dedication to athletics, the Buzz has decided to make Jackson Mondy the Male Athlete of the Issue.
While Country Day’s top priority is our academics, we value character and leadership very closely. Jackson represents both qualities, being an avid participant and leader on the cross-country team. When asked about how he felt from his years of being on the team, Jackson stated that “it’s a really good team.” He later added, with pride, that the cross-country team has made the state playoffs more times consecutively than any other team at Country Day. Like most high-level athletes, Jackson’s many victories hold a special place in his heart.
On the Hornet clay target team, Jackson is one of five seniors. While often overshadowed by his teammate, Owen Haas, Jackson’s scores are hardly something to scoff at. Since his junior year, he has solidified himself as one of the highest scorers on his team, consistently outscoring other teams. Yet, his shooting is not what his teammates value most about him. Jackson’s leadership, and bright attitude, are appreciated by his teammates. When Philip Slatinsky was asked to share his feelings about Jackson, he stated that “Jackson is my favorite person on the clay target team, his hair glistens in the sun.” Jackson’s teammates not only view him as a friend and a leader, but they also feel comfortable joking around with him.

Jackson’s leadership extends most on the swimming team, as shown by earning team captain for the first time in his high school career, voted on by his peers. Not only does he lead his team, pushing them all to be the greatest they can be, but he also forces himself to do better. Despite oscillating between Junior Varsity and Varsity for the first few years of high school, Jackson pushed himself harder, becoming one of the highest scorers on his team on a consistent basis. His peers recognized this and began to look up to him, and Jackson was finally voted on as captain. When asked for a quote for how he feels about the swim team, Jackson promptly responded, “Shweeeeeeem.”