Julia McGoldrick, Contributor

Just when we thought we could catch a break and finally have a “normal” year at school, just as the Homecoming Dance, week, and the game was approaching, so was Hurricane Ian. This destructive hurricane ripped through parts of Florida, and many islands right off the coast. In response to the storm, our school, and many others in the area, quickly made the decision to cancel school on Thursday and Friday. So what did this mean for our students who were eager to have a full homecoming week experience? Well, the Homecoming football game was moved to Wednesday instead of Friday, two of the five spirit days got canceled, and our karaoke competition was also not performed. Don’t freight there may be more of this to come later in the year to make up for our lost time but it was devastating. Thankfully, the football team played a great game with a huge victory against Beach with a score of 35-21. During halftime of the game, our homecoming court was introduced. The representatives were:

Freshman: Zoi Johnson, escorted by Max Clemmons

Sophomore: Mary Elizabeth Semones, escorted by Miles Carson

Junior: Ella Stone, escorted by Dalton Brown, and Emily Most,` escorted by Devin Beauchamp

Senior: Phil-Isabelle Ajayi, escorted by Soren Watson, Nora Barid, escorted by Aden Adjei, Molly Fountain, escorted by Jake Felser, Julia McGoldrick, escorted by Maddox Rahimi, Yenna Park, escorted by Davis Wilks, and lastly, Fiona Wilson, escorted by Michael Grandy.

After announcing the court, the students applauded Molly Fountain, our runner-up Homecoming queen. Finally, our Homecoming queen was announced to be Fiona Wilson, who was met with flowers, screams, and of course, a crown. Although this was an odd Wednesday night football game, it is definitely a homecoming to remember. Hopefully, see you again in the winter for a make-up formal!